Walkin Wheels Front Wheel Attachment


The front wheels can easily be attached to the rear wheel Walkin' Wheels. These wheels are used if your dog has weakening in the front legs. Attaches easily to any medium or large Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.The Front Wheelchair Attachment is only available in blue.

Important: Please read the main text on this page. The pricing for this chair is indicative only. We import them in based on need and dont hold stock here. There will be additional costs for shipping and possibly Customs. We recommend that you email us before you put an order in as we can then confirm the actual cost of the item for you.

Front Wheel Attachment Features

  • Fully adjustable – accommodates any dog from 20 to 150 pounds.

  • Simple to measure – all you need to know is the  Strut and Wheel size of your existing Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair to order your front wheels.

  • Can be ordered with the wheelchair or added later. 

  • Large, 4" 360 degree bearing casters for complete directional mobility.

  • Padded chin rest for comfort and safety.

Easy to Order:

If you are ordering the front wheels and a rear Walkin' Wheels at the same time, we will make sure the size is correct. If you already have a Walkin' Wheels, tell us the size of the wheel and the size of the strut. You can find that on your original receipt or measure them by hand.

Size Chart

Strut  Wheel  Size

6"      4"     WWFE-0604

6"      8"     WWFE-0608

9"      8"     WWFE-0908

12"    8"     WWFE-1208

9"     12"    WWFE-0912

12"   12"     WWFE-1212

12"   16"     WWFE-1216

15"   16"     WWFE-1516